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Karmin Gunsalus-Campbell Announces Candidacy for Napa Mayor

Grand News Network | February 17, 2024

Karmin Gunsalus-Campbell has declared her intention to run for Mayor of Napa, emphasizing her lifelong dedication and service to the community. With her background as an influential community advocate, she has actively promoted economic growth, public safety, and overall life quality enhancements in Napa. Facing challenges like housing affordability, public safety, and environmental conservation, Gunsalus-Campbell believes in Napa’s potential for greater vibrancy and sustainability. Her campaign will concentrate on public safety, sustainability, community building, and economic opportunity, aiming to create a more inclusive, sustainable, and economically vibrant Napa for all its residents.

United States, 17th Feb 2024 – Driven by a passion for Napa and a commitment to its future, community leader Karmin Gunsalus-Campbell today announced her candidacy for Mayor of Napa in the upcoming November election.

A lifelong resident of Napa, Gunsalus-Campbell has deep roots in the community and a proven track record of service. She has been an active community voice, where she has championed initiatives to promote economic development, enhance public safety, and improve the quality of life for all residents.

Napa is at a crossroads,” Gunsalus-Campbell said. “We face challenges like rising housing costs, public safety, and the need to protect our environment. But I believe Napa has the potential to be an even more vibrant, safe, and sustainable city. I am running for Mayor because I have the experience, the vision, and the dedication to lead Napa into a brighter future.

In addition, Gunsalus-Campbell has a strong record of accomplishment in the nonprofit sector. She has been a leading voice on issues such as healthcare, environmental protection, and public safety. 

Gunsalus-Campbells’ campaign for Mayor will focus on four key priorities:

  1. Public Safety: Making Napa a safer place to live, work, and raise a family.
  2. Sustainability: Protecting Napa’s environment and ensuring a sustainable future for generations to come.
  3. Community: Building a strong and inclusive community where everyone feels welcome and valued.
  4. Economic Opportunity: Creating a thriving economy that provides good jobs for all residents.

“I am excited to launch my campaign for Mayor and share my vision for the future of Napa,” Gunsalus-Campbell said. “I believe that together, we can build a Napa that is more affordable, sustainable, and prosperous for all.”

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